Frames and Roofs

  • Roofs can be a standard gable, single slope or a multi-level design.
  • Frame leg design can be tapered or straight.
  • Standard X bracing can be of either cable or steel rod.
  • Moment Beams / Portal frames can be used in place of standard X cable bracing allowing for complete open access on any wall.

Roofing Materials

  • Standard 3’ wide PBR panels.
  • Concealed fastener Standing Seam panels, snap lock or mechanical seamed at 12”, 16” or 18’ widths.
  • Translucent / light panels.
  • Roof vents, soffits, gutters and down spouts.


  • Standard white vinyl-faced, fiberglass insulation blankets with R values of R9 – R25.
  • Foil wrapped cellular insulation with thermal blocks.
  • Pre – Insulated roof and wall panels.


  • A variety of color choices for standard PBR 3’ panels.
  • Concrete tilt up walls with panels above.
  • Many different choice materials for a decorative finish at ground level.

Other Components

  • Numerous choices for windows, trim, soffits and large access doors.